Blossom of a Zinnia elegans

Blossom of a Zinnia elegans

Wide open Blossom of a Zinnia elegans or youth-and-old-age. Location: Frankfurt am Main - Westhausen, Germany
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Category: Flowers]  
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Camera: Compactline 230 (Rollei)
Focal Length: 6.4 mm
Exposure: 1/87 sec
Aperture: f/2.9
ISO: 100

  • Gorgeous flower photo!

    We love them :-)
    Birgitta @ 05.11.2012 20:17:11
  • Fine photo, great shot.
    Manni @ 12.11.2012 11:35:01
  • wunderschön! danke :)
    Tina´s PicStory @ 26.11.2012 08:54:31

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